Trans, inherited from the Latins, is the prefix of the passage, of the mutation, of the transit from one condition to another.

TRANSPORTRAITS is nothing more than a series of portraits of other portraits.

It is not the result of a digital operation, but of a photographic action.

They are shots taken of old existing portrait photographs, real, material, so tangible that they sometimes become objects.

Photographs that time and atmospheric events, by operating a process of decomposition of the paper, emulsions and pigments, have transformed into a new image, indeed it has transfigured.

The visual information contained in the original photograph passed to another condition, together with the material itself.

An irreversible and natural process of decay, source of a new creation, TRANSPORTRAITS in fact, as in a vital and perpetual circle of images.

When we talk about the use by an author of photographs taken by others, it is customary to classify the operation as part of post-photography.

This project goes further. We could talk about Trans-Photography: when photography passes from one state to another.

And who knows if even the protagonists of the old portraits…  haven't already done so.