“Dolos deceives the Gods through lies” 


There are many ways of lying and even more lies.

Some of these, are so commonplace, universal and socially accepted, that we say them without even thinking that we are lying.

They are the so-called "White Lies", even scientifically classified and studied both on a psychological and anthropological level.

When we lie, however, facial expressions can betray us: the look, the eyes, the lips, even the nose, can unmask us, and reveal that we are lying.

Dolos investigates this phenomenon.

It is a series of portraits of friends, relatives and acquaintances, who in particular situations have reacted by lying, through the use of "White Lies", and which the photographic lens has caught in the act.

The face contractions, lowered eyes, small grimaces reveal the truth to the attentive observer and in this case also to the photographer.

Like the Greek God, in reality Dolos is also a form of photographic trick.

These are not real people. They are not born liars.

The protagonists portrayed are nothing more than the result of an Artificial Intelligence software that "creates human beings", used by cinema, TV, video creation, mass-media in general.

These characters exist in the metaverse and the facial expressions they assume are the result of careful research and choice, designed to match the frames proposed by the AI software, with the lie expressed.

These are typical facial expressions of those who lie.

At this point, it can be said that Dolos is a lie within a lie.

In fact, photography is a lie.